[PRE-ORDER] ¿Gomens Artbook?

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[PRE-ORDER] ¿Gomens Artbook?

from 25.00

MAILED OUT MOST LIKELY IN JANUARY 2020. If you want any of your other items to arrive in time for the holidays, please purchase this separately!

Warning: Due to recent notice about U.S. leaving an international shipping agreement, international shipping may go up dramatically (300%). In such case, international folks will be notified about the shipping fee difference or option of refund. (I’m very upset about this also; feels like the government doesn’t care about small businesses)

Thought it’d be interesting to have pre-orders up months in advance with this stunning drawing. A PDF copy will be available for purchase around December. CONTENT WARNINGS: Multiple Eyes, possible NSFW

The artbook will be called ‘Lovebirds’

  • 50+ pages of my own art

  • Size 5.25x7.25”

  • Saddle-stitch binding

  • It’ll include a few NSFW pages if the printing company will let me get away with it, so please be 18+ if you’re buying this!

The Bundle pack is

  • 1 copy of Lovebirds

  • 2 prints of your choice (does not include gold foil prints), please specify which ones (+ sizes if there are multiple sizes) when adding to cart

  • 1 charm (default the 3” hug unless specified otherwise)

  • This is $10 less than if all items were purchased separately.

Stretch goals! All stretch goals above 75 orders will be pre-order exclusive; pre-orders end November 30. Any milestones hit will be bolded on this listing.

  • 50 orders—everyone gets a #1 Southern Pansy postcard

  • 75 orders—artbook expanded to 60 pages

  • 100 orders—everyone also receives a 3x3” vinyl sticker (This is perhaps the last reasonable stretch goal, don’t you dare expect any of the others)

  • 200—I doubt we’ll get past 75 but you can have an extra postcard at this point

  • 400—we’ll never reach this but, sticker sheets to be made

  • 500—impossible to hit, and I will personally fight everyone if we do, we’ll see about a new charm design

Cheers, and we’ll see what happens! Will be properly promoted in November with previews. Feel free to ask me to sign! (My signature is free)

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