Witcher 3 Bundle

JY witcher naptime bundle2.jpg
JY witcher naptime bundle2.jpg

Witcher 3 Bundle


Go through the other Witcher 3 products listed, and pick

  • any 3 heart buttons

  • any 2 charms (make sure you state exactly which character & style you would like)

  • and any 2 prints from the Witcher 3 Prints

and list these out during checkout using this format:
[BUTTONS] (your three character names here),
[CHARMS] (your two charms and styles here; example "Heart Ciri and Polaroid Geralt") 
[PRINTS] (the names of your two prints; keep in mind there’s a B&W Geralt and Regis; if you simply put ‘Geralt’ I will send you the one in color) 

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